A 65nm CMOS 60 GHz Class F-E Power Amplifier for WPAN Applications
N. Deltimple, S. Dréan, E. Kerhervé, B. Martineau and D. Belot

CMOS Image Sensor Featuring Current-Mode Focal-Plane Image Compression
F. D. V. Oliveira, H. L. Haas, J. G. Gomes and A. Petraglia

Hardware Pipelining of Repetitive Patterns in Processor Instruction Traces
J. Bispo, J. Cardoso and J. Monteiro

Design, Analysis and Measurement Results of a Fully-Integrated Low-power LNA Presenting Faults
P. Silva and F. Sousa

Fully Reliable Dynamic Routing Logic for a Fault-Tolerant NoC Architecture
A Alhussien, F. Verbeek, B. van Gastel, N. Bagherzadeh and J. Schmaltz

Design Of An Improved And Robust Asynchronous Wrapper (Aw) For FPGA Applications

D. L. Oliveira, L. A. Faria and E. Lussari

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